Maddy Paxman I have been teaching the Alexander Technique in North London for ten years. I trained full-time for three years at the Constructive Teaching Centre in London, with the late Walter and Dilys Carrington. I am an active member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, and regularly attend professional development courses.

I used to teach singing and piano privately and I have an LGSM from the Guildhall School of Music. For many years I ran popular singing classes at the City Lit institute in London, for people who thought they were "tone-deaf". I still enjoy singing and writing my own music. I'm also a keen amateur painter, and have published books and articles.

I first came to the Alexander Technique because of wrist pain while playing the piano, which conventional treatment was unable to help. My problem quickly resolved itself, but I realised that there was a much broader dimension to the discipline than improved physical health and continued taking lessons for several years before deciding to train as a teacher myself. Read about my personal experience with hypermobility.

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Find more freedom and ease in your body As small children, we do most things with simplicity and ease of movement, even something challenging like learning to walk upright. But as we grow up we develop patterns of physical and mental tension which can cause pain and discomfort.

The Alexander Technique is a very effective way of exploring and undoing these habits in order to regain our natural grace, poise and freedom.

The Society Of Teachers Of The Alexander Technique Expand your awareness The Alexander Technique helps re-set the brain/body connection so that it is more conscious and less reactive. You are encouraged to think differently about how you live and move in your body. Over time, you can become more balanced, calm and self-aware, enabling you to deal better with life's challenges.

We now know that the brain is 'plastic': it has a lifelong ability to re-organise neural pathways based on new experiences. How we think and feel strongly affects our bodies, and in turn our thoughts and emotions are influenced by our bodily reactions. By learning to intercept that cycle and make different choices, we can influence our wellbeing in a very powerful way.

Could it help me? If you suffer from backache, headache, neck pain or any other muscular-skeletal issues the Alexander Technique can help you find a way to reduce tension and change poor postural habits that could be at the root of your problems.

If you are a performing artist, actor, sports person, or just simply freeze up when you have to give a presentation at work, the Technique can help you deal with issues of stage fright and tension interfering with performance.

If you regularly feel stressed, depressed or anxious, you can learn how to 'take a step back' and remain more calm and focused.

If you feel you have developed 'poor posture' - perhaps from sitting at a computer all day - you can learn how to 'walk tall'.

If you are pregnant, the Alexander Technique can help you manage the changes in your body and pave the way for an easier birth.

I believe that the AT offers a unique tool for lifelong integrated growth at one's own pace. - Heather

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