What students have said about their lessons with me.

I initially went to see Maddy suffering with lower back pain. Various courses of physiotherapy, including acupunture had not helped relieve the pain and I was becoming frustrated. As soon as I started seeing Maddy I could see that this technique could help, It didn't take long for my symptoms to be alleviated. I also quickly found out that the Alexander Technique could help me non-physically as well. Her approach is calm and straightforward. I really looked forward to my lessons every week as a time away from busy life and I knew I would leave feeling lighter and brighter. Although my back pain has minimised now, I continue to take lessons as I continue to reap benefits in all aspects of my life. - Nikki Brin, 35, marketing manager

I always look forward to my sessions as a time to chill and take a break from being busy. It's hard to explain what actually happens because it sounds so little yet it makes such a difference. And it's so interesting! It may be hard to imagine that the acts of sitting down and standing up can go on being engaging and interesting, but it's true - because every time is different. And I very much enjoy Maddy's company; she makes the whole thing such a pleasure. - Mike Crook, 61, psychotherapist

I suffer from pain in my hands, wrists, arms and shoulders caused by too many long days working at a computer. While physiotherapy and massage helped ease the symptoms of what I call my Repetitive Strain Injury for very short periods, my Alexander lessons with Maddy have focused instead on the root causes of my discomfort - bad posture, muscle tension, uneven breathing and movement. It's surprising how many bad habits you can develop without realising it. The Alexander technique is no 'quick fix', but my lessons, part-relaxation, part-tutorial, have changed my everyday behaviour and left me feeling physically and mentally healthier. - Andy Tate, 32, Journalist

I was hopeful that the Alexander Technique would help my painful neck and shoulder but in fact it has changed the way I face up to life - instead of my former habits of getting stressed and tensing up, I have learned to take a mental step back, check that I am in the best order in my body and then decide how to proceed. It can all happen in a flash. My neck very rarely gives me any trouble now - as long as I look after myself! - Louise Ritchie, 40, nurse

I am the main carer for my mother who has dementia; my weekly session provides me with high quality “me-time” when I am able to physically and mentally “let go”. I am fascinated by the Alexander technique and have come to regard Maddy as a friend and fellow explorer, as well as a teacher. She alerts me to my habits without labelling them “bad” and encourages me to consider other ways of looking at and doing things. I believe that the AT offers a unique tool for lifelong integrated growth at one's own pace. - Heather Martin, 56, carer

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