What happens during an Alexander Technique lesson? Gentle guidance in movement and relaxation from the teacher's hands, combined with self-help information, can bring about quite radical changes:
  • Balance and co-ordination improve
  • Breathing becomes easier
  • Movement is more efficient and free
  • The nervous system calms down

Over time, many painful conditions may be alleviated and your general health and wellbeing will benefit.

Why is it called a lesson? The Water Carrier - (1894) - C. Raja Raja Varma Although the learning process involves touch, the Alexander Technique is not a treatment or therapy, but a self-help method. However, it can be both healing and transformative! This is because you are learning to take care of yourself, to think and act differently, and be more present in your body.

It is a tool you can use anywhere and at any time, whether in activity or at rest - a technique for life.

Where and how? Alexander lessons are one-to-one in my studio at home; they last approximately 45 minutes and cost £45. It's best to wear comfortable clothing and socks as I will ask you to remove your shoes.

Many people experience a feeling of lightness and calm afterwards, and I will teach you a lying-down practice which you can do at home to consolidate the work.

For lasting benefit you will probably need to come for a series of weekly lessons. It takes time to address the habits of a lifetime. Think of it rather like learning to play an instrument - something you need to practice.

However, you are very welcome to try one session and see whether it is for you, or to contact me by phone or email with any queries or for more information.

Why choose the Alexander Technique? Whatever brings you to try Alexander lessons - be it pain, illness, stress, or simply a wish to discover more about yourself in a truly holistic way - you will find that it is like nothing else. It addresses the whole of you, mind and body, or mind-in-body, without turning you into a passive patient. Instead you are able to really get to know yourself and learn how to make permanent changes that will improve your wellbeing. I like to think of it as 'coming home to yourself.'

There have been many famous pupils of the Technique over the years, including: singers Victoria Beckham, Paul McCartney, Madonna, Sting; actors John Cleese, Joanna Lumley, William Hurt, Anthony Hopkins; writer Joan Bakewell; Olympic athlete Daley Thompson and many others.

I was hopeful that the Alexander Technique would help my painful neck and shoulder but in fact it has changed the way I face up to life. - Louise

Image: Water Carrier - (1894) by C. Raja Raja Varma - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Water_carrier.jpg

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